Slideshow software offers you limitless possibilities for various screen layouts. Here are some examples for your inspiration, together with screenshot of the Screen layout configuration from web interface for each example.

With side panels

This layout is accessible as a sample directly in Slideshow web interface. You can select it in menu Screen layouts – Sample screen layouts. It display your advertisement or promotions with current time, news, your logo and weather on the sides. Don’t forget to check “Rotate layout every day” in Device settings if you are worried about screen burn-in.

Large clock

Images as a background for large clock with time and day of week. You can get this effect by setting Date-time panel’s background color to transparent.

TV news style

Sliding news on the bottom, logo in the corner – just like BBC or CNN. Set “Style of display” to “Single line of moving text” for the RSS item to get this effect.


Overlay multiple panels to get interesting image collage. Assign the same playlist to each of the panels and upload enough pictures to get large sample.