In version 3.2.0, there has been significant change (and improvement) how Slideshow handles background music playback. This article will guide you through the setup of internet radio playback through the Slideshow’s web interface.

Thanks to this new improvements, Slideshow can be used also as a headless music player. Just install Slideshow on your phone, connect your speakers and setup audio playlist.

  1. Create new item with the following setup:
  2. Create new playlist the following setup:
    • Sound = Audio playlist
  3. Add the radio item to radio playlist. Set the length to large value, because there will be small pause in playing every time the item is reloaded (due to caching):
  4. Through menu Playlists – Audio playlist assignment, set the radio playlist to all timeslots and save.
  5. In few seconds, the internet radio stream will start playing.
  6. You can check the current audio playlists and volume on home page:

You can also experiment with various radio stations on different times of day (just change the Audio playlist assignment).

If you want to play your own audio files, upload them into separate folder (e.g. “music”), create new item with type Files randomly / Files alphabetically and path “music/*” and add this item to the playlist.