Slideshow is free for non-commercial as well as commercial usage and we are aiming to keep it this way. We believe in free software, especially in a competitive field like a digital signage.

If you like Slideshow app, there are several ways how you can personally contribute to making it better:

  • Spread the word, recommend Slideshow to your friends, leave a positive review on Google Play Store. The more people use Slideshow, the more feedback we receive, which helps us making Slideshow app better. Many new features added to the Slideshow in the last year has been suggested to us by the users.
  • Help us with testing Slideshow on various devices, with various combinations of settings, screen layouts and playlists. We are thoroughly testing each version before it is released, but as the number of different combinations rises, we still might miss something. If you find any problem, send as a bug report, we will be happy to fix the problem.
  • Translate Slideshow into your local language. Thanks to the community, Slideshow has currently support for 6 different languages. If you are fluent in a language that isn’t yet in the list and have some free time to help us with translation, we will be happy to add your language to Slideshow.
  • Support the development directly, for example by buying branded version of Slideshow for your business, ordering a custom commercial feature or sending us new device for testing. We have several Android devices, on which we are testing each version, but there are new Android boxes and sticks each month on which we haven’t tested Slideshow yet.