To all supporters, enthusiasts and users of Slideshow: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Although year 2020 was hard in many aspects, we have managed to release 19 new versions of Slideshow, with interesting features such as synchronization of files with Dropbox, remote configuration and application update, Portuguese and German localization, custom fonts, image transitions and many more. To illustrate the amount of work done, the number of source code lines in Slideshow has grown over 48% since last year.

Our big thanks goes to the customers and users all over the world, who helped us with providing priceless feedback and encouragement.

We hope year 2021 will bring less global challenges and we will be able to focus even more on providing you better software for digital signage. We will continue providing you with regular updates for Slideshow with new features, new video tutorials and interesting blog posts.

Christmas with Slideshow
Christmas tree with Slideshow in the background