We wish all our clients, supporters and users of Slideshow app Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

During 2021 we managed to add several new features to Slideshow, most notably support for Camera and HDMI input and integration with WebDAV server and MQTT broker. Thanks to our contributors, French, Croatian, Spanish and Russian localization was added as well, so we managed to cover another 700 millions native speakers.

During the last two months publishing new versions to Google Play store was limited due to change in Google policy for Android external storage permissions. Thankfully this issue has been resolved a couple of days ago and you can once again install the new versions directly from Google Play store.

For 2022 we are planning to continue adding new features, as well as publishing new tutorial videos and blog posts. We are currently testing Amazon FireTV Stick 4K Max, so you can look forward to the review of this Android stick in January.