Another year has passed and we would like to wish everybody around the world who is using Slideshow app Happy Holidays and only the best in the New Year 2024.

In 2023 we added a lot of new advanced features to Slideshow, including communication between devices, screensaver layout, click areas for images and new transitions. We enhanced synchronized playback between zones on a single player as well as between multiple players and it has become the most asked-about feature during the past year. Combination of Slideshow + Google Drive gained popularity as well, devices with Slideshow are generating over 1000 requests to Google Drive servers every minute.

We continue to work on new features, so we can help you make your Digital Signage experience with Slideshow even better in year 2024, while keeping our pledge to offer Slideshow entirely free for private as well as commercial usage. One of the areas we would like to focus on in the upcoming year is making Slideshow’s interface more user-friendly, while keeping it lightweight and with all the advanced features available.