Slideshow app is provided free of charge “as is” for anybody who would like to use it or test it. However if you are providing full digital signage solution for your customers and would like to use Slideshow in it, branding the app might be good way to get the software part of the solution quickly and cost-effectively and make your brand more visible at the same time.

What is branding?

Branding (or white-labelling) is a concept of bringing another product under your own brand. It is often used together with the term Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM). The functionality stays the same, but the brand under which the product is seen by the end user changes. In this concept, the original author acts only as OEM.

What is included?

The following changes are included in the branding of the Slideshow application:

  • Your application logo and application name
  • Your information on the loading screen (name, web page)
  • Your contact information on the About software screen (name, email, web page, phone etc., only copyright has to stay as is)
  • Change of the default language and default settings, if needed
  • Bug reports sent directly to your email address (you can of course consult us when dealing with the report)
  • (Optionally) Locking the on-screen menu with a password

If you would like to have additional changes as well, just let us know.

Slideshow's loading screen after branding changes


Branding - First time

Price: 299 EUR

Branding - Version update

Price: 79 EUR

Custom features

Contact us for quote

How to get the branded version?

If you are interested in buying the branded version, contact us on

After paying the fee, we will provide you with APK file (Android installation package) containing full Slideshow functionality under your brand. You can distribute, install and use this APK file without any restrictions on an unlimited number of devices.

The prices are without VAT.