Slideshow allows you to setup various animations (or transitions) between two consecutively displayed images in one panel.

Animations can be setup via web interface, menu Screen layoutEdit screen layout, after clicking on Details by the panel. You can choose different animation types and lengths for each panel. We suggest using length between 300 and 2000 milliseconds for the best effect. After saving the animation settings, refresh the screen layout to apply changes immediately.

Available animation types:

  • No animation – there will be no animation between two images, they will change immediately
  • Crossfade – smooth transition / dissolve
  • To right – old image moves to the right
  • To left – old image moves to the left
  • To top – old image moves to the top
  • To bottom – old image moves to the bottom
  • Shrink – old image shrinks to the center
  • Rotate & shrink – old image shrinks to the center while rotating
  • Enlarge & crossfade – old image enlarges and crossfades
  • Hide – old image will be hidden and new images will be displayed after the animation length, displaying only the background in the meantime
  • Random – picks random animation each time from all available except No animation and Hide

Animation of large screen areas requires significant CPU power to render smoothly, so it may lag on slower devices.

Examples of some of the available animations