Slideshow supports playing HTTP audio streams as a background audio using content with type “Audio/video stream”. Thanks to this, Slideshow can be used also as a headless music player, without any screen.

Steps necessary to set up playing audio streams through Slideshow’s web interface:

  1. Create new content with the following setup:
    Type: Audio/video stream
    Path: direct URL of audio stream of your choosing
  2. Edit automatically created playlist and set Sound: Audio playlist.
  3. Go to menu PlaylistAudio playlists schedule and set up schedule for the audio playlist

Only HTTP / HTTPS audio streams are supported. Audio stream URLs for various internet radios can be found for example on, or on the website of your favorite radio. The URL has to point directly to the audio stream, not to a website containing an embedded audio player.

If the stream also has a video part and it is set as an audio playlist, the video part of the stream will be ignored and only audio will be played.

The status of the background audio playback is available on the home page of the web interface, in Media status & control.

Home page with Background audio status at the bottom
Home page with Background audio status at the bottom