Slideshow supports playing audio or video streams in playlist using content with type “Audio/video stream”.

Audio streams

If content with type “Audio/video stream” is added to the playlist with type “Audio playlist”, the audio part of the stream will be played as background audio (if the stream has also a video part, it will be ignored).

Edit content dialog with audio stream
Edit content dialog with audio stream

If you want to play internet radio in the background, please refer to the tutorial on

Video streams

Slideshow supports displaying HTTP/HTTPS live streams.

If you would like display YouTube video or live stream, use content type “YouTube video” instead of “Audio/video stream”.

We recommend using enhanced video player for displaying video streams, as it has much better support for live streams than the standard Android video player. However, support of stream containers and codecs is still highly dependent on the device, in reality not every device has good support for live streams. On some devices, there are even differences between regular and enhanced video player. We recommend thorough testing before you start using video streams for your customers.