While displaying images, videos or web pages, it is possible to automatically display additional dynamic description text in the top left corner of the zone.

The setup can be done via the web interface – menu ContentEdit by filling out Description text and Text color. It is available for content types Single file, Files alphabetically, Files randomly, Audio/video stream and Video input.

  • Description text – template text which will be displayed on the screen. Can contain several placeholders, which will be replaced dynamically:
    • {FileName} – full name and path of the currently displayed file
    • {FileNameShort} – name of the file without folder and file extension
    • {ItemName} – name of the content which is displayed
    • {DateTime} – date and time when the picture was captured, from EXIF tag of the image
    • {...} – additional data from EXIF tags of the image
  • Text color – color of the text on the screen. The background color will be calculated automatically as a semi-transparent complementary color. To turn off the background color, set the text color to semi-transparent.
Setup of the content with description text
Setup of the content with description text