Created on 15 April 2020, last modified on 30 May 2020

You can change the language of Slideshow’s user interface and web interface either through web interface – menu SettingsDevice settingsLanguage or through on-screen menu – Basic settingsLanguage.

This choice of language has no effect on the language of date/time and weather panel (names of days of week and months can be displayed) – you can select this language separately via web interface, menu ItemsEdit. List of supported languages for date and weather panel depends on your Android image and usually contains 100+ languages on newer versions of Android.

Currently supported languages

  • Czech (thanks to AleŇ° Obst)
  • English
  • German (thanks to Stefan Preitschaft)
  • Italian (thanks to Michele Fioretti)
  • Polish (thanks to Piotr Bujalski)
  • Slovak

Adding new language

If you want to add your language, either create pull request on our GitHub repository, or send us this Excel file with added translation – either way, we will be happy to add your translation to the next version of Slideshow (with proper credits to you).