Created on 30 May 2020, last modified on 31 May 2020

If the Android devices, on which Slideshow is running, is connected to the local network, you can manage the app from you computer, phone or tablet. Note that the interfaces mentioned bellow work only from the same local network (LAN). If you want to manage Slideshow remotely, you can setup periodic download from your HTTP/FTP server or Google Drive.

Web interface

Slideshow’s web interface is the main interface for managing all the Slideshow’s advanced features.

Web interface can be accessed from the web browser on your computer. You can find the address, on which the web interface is accessible, via on-screen menu – Help. It is usually “http://{device’s IP address}” for rooted devices and “http://{devices’s IP address}:8080” for non-rooted devices.

Default username / password is admin / admin. It can be changed after logging in, either via menu SettingsUsers or SettingsPassword change.

The port number for web interface can be changed via web interface – menu SettingsDevice settingsHTTP port number or HTTPS port number or on-screen menu – Basic settingsHTTP port number. If you want to use port number bellow 1024, the device has to be rooted and port 8080 (for HTTP) / 8443 (for HTTPS) has to be free on the device (see this blog post for explanation).

Web interface via HTTPS

Slideshow also supports secured HTTPS protocol for web interface. The address is usually “https://{device’s IP address}” for rooted devices and “https://{devices’s IP address}:8443” for non-rooted devices. By default, Slideshow generates self-signed SSL certificate on the first start, so browsers will display security alert before access the page. You can upload your own SSL certificate for HTTPS in PKCS12 format via web interface – menu SettingsDevice settingsCertificate for HTTPS.

Dialog for uploading certificate for HTTPS

FTP interface

You can access all files uploaded to Slideshow using a FTP client (for example WinSCP or Total Commander). Use the following connection settings:
IP address: LAN IP address of the device
Port: default is 21 on rooted devices, 8021 on non-rooted devices
Username / password: same as for the web interface, default is admin / admin.

You can find the active port via on-screen menu – Help. It can be changed via web interface – menu SettingsDevice settingsFTP port number.

FTP protocol is not encrypted (Slideshow doesn’t support SFTP or FTP over SSL). If you are connecting to the device via not-secured WiFi (WiFi without password), you connection might be easily intercepted.

WinSCP with prepared connection to Slideshow via FTP