Created on 10 April 2020, last modified on 20 September 2020

In version 3.5.0 of Slideshow, periodical download functionality has been updated to include downloading from Google Drive. That means you can automatically synchronize files from your Google Drive storage to Slideshow’s internal storage.

Thanks to this functionality, you can manage your files remotely without need for HTTP or FTP server. As both Google Drive and Slideshow software are free, this offers you cheap and effective solution for Digital Signage.

How to setup periodical download from Google Drive

1. Open Slideshow’s web interface and navigate to menu ToolsPeriodical download.

2. In Add periodical download section, select type Google Drive and click on Login with Google account.

3. Google login form will open on the device’s screen – not on the screen you have web interface, but on the screen of the device where Slideshow is installed! This is due to security policy of Google, so this step cannot be done remotely. If the device’s screen stays blank or the login form is not loaded properly, check if your device has internet access and has up-to-date browser installed.

4. Login into your Google account and allow Slideshow to access your Google Drive. We are asking just for read-only access, Slideshow won’t (and can’t) modify files on your Google Drive.

5. After successful login, switch back to Slideshow app on the device. Web interface in your browser should refresh and display success message.

6. Pick a source folder on your Google Drive (you have to create if first through and target folder on your device. You can also choose whether you would like to clear (delete) old files after each download – this is useful if you are adding and removing files over the time.

7. Click on Save and test the newly added entry by clicking on Download now.

8. If you want Slideshow to synchronize the files periodically, don’t forget to set “Download interval” in menu SettingsDevice settings. It specify how often (in seconds) should Slideshow download files from Google Drive. Don’t forget to reload Slideshow app after setting it.

9. Slideshow has to stay logged in into your Google account if you want the periodical download to work. If you logout from your Google account (either via Slideshow web interface, or Google console), you won’t be able to synchronize any files from Google Drive until you log in back.

10. If you want to add more folder for synchronization or edit the existing one, just start from step 6. Entering your Google Account username and password is necessary only during first setup or if you logout from the account.

More features

You can combine synchronization from Google Drive with other Slideshow’s features:

  • setup.csv – just add file named setup.csv to the folder which you are synchronizing on Google Drive and it will be automatically recognized by Slideshow.
  • Unpacking ZIP files – if your Google Drive’s folder contains ZIP file, it will be automatically unpacked during the download.