Slideshow has two different video players: standard and enhanced.

By default, enhanced video player is used. If you want to enable or disable enhanced video player, you can do so via web interface, menu SettingsDevice settings, item Enable enhanced video player, or through the Basic setting in on-screen menu. Reload the app or refresh your screen layout to apply the change.

Standard video player

Standard video player uses Android’s native video player. You can find list of supported codecs and containers on The exact codec and bitrate support is highly dependent on the hardware.

Enhanced video player

Enhanced video player is based on ExoPlayer project. It supports the same codecs as standard video player, but the support of video containers varies, for example AVI and WMV is supported only by the standard video player.

It supports following features on top of the standard video player:

  • Shorter lag between videos: enhanced video player is actually compromised of two media players. When two videos should be played after each other, while the first player is in the last few seconds of the first video, the second player already starts buffering the next video. Thanks to this pre-buffering, the time between end of the first video and start of the second is down to approximately 40 milliseconds, which is barely visible to the users. If the pre-buffering causes any problems on your device, you can turn it off by disabling setting Preload content in playlist in the Device settings.
  • Scaling videos: with enhanced video player, the videos within the zone are scaled with the same options as images: Fit center, Center crop, Fit to screen and Center (no scaling). You can change the scaling type either through the Device settings in web interface (Image scale type), or through the Basic setting in on-screen menu.
  • Rotating videos: only enhanced video player supports rotation of the picture. So if you would like to rotate the screen layout, don’t forget to enable enhanced video player.
  • Better support for video streams: enhanced video player has better support for streaming through HTTP protocol.

Recommended video format

If you would like to encode your video in the best way, we recommend the following settings. They are based on our testing and should be compatible with all usages on all devices running Slideshow.

Container: MP4 (MPEG-4 Part 14)
Video codec:
H.264 (MPEG-4 AVC)
Audio codec: AAC (stereo)
Resolution: the same as the resolution of the device