Among other things, Slideshow can also display weather forecast from internet on the screen. Displayed weather forecast consists of icon, date and temperature range.

Forecast for 4 days on entire screen

Setting up weather panel item

You can setup displaying weather forecast by creating new item with type “Panel with weather” and adding it to your playlist. Alternatively, you can use sample screen layout “With side panels” as a starting point.

Slideshow can display weather for maximum 4 days.

Dialog for editing item

Weather sources

There are two different online sources of weather forecast available in Slideshow. In order to use any of these sources, you have to first create an account on the respective site (usually for free). You can find comparison of the sources in the table bellow.

Setup of the weather source is through the web interface – menu SettingsDevice settings.

Name of the forecast sourceOpenWeatherMapHERE Maps
Limit for free account60 requests per minute250 000 request per month
Where to get the API key – Generate new key – create new project and generate key in the REST section
What to enter in the Slideshow’s Device settingsWeather source: OpenWeatherMap (hourly)
API key for weather: {API key} (change for your actual value)
Weather source: HERE Destination weather
API key for weather: {API KEY} (change for your actual value)

As Slideshow usually caches weather forecast for 1-2 hours, single free account on both services is good enough for displaying weather information on several devices. However, if you are looking for guaranteed SLA or have over 50 devices, we recommend looking into the paid accounts on either of the services.

Also, don’t forget to read through the license terms of the weather source and add credit to the provider if necessary.


Each time the weather is refreshed from the server, there is an entry in the Slideshow’s logs (web interface – menu InformationLog):

2020-10-25 17:47:20 INFO - Weather refreshed (location=Punta Arenas)

In case something goes wrong while downloading new weather data, there is an warning entry in the logs. For example, if API key is missing, there will be following entry in logs:

2020-10-25 21:46:16 WARN - Can't refresh weather: OpenWeatherMap API key not found, please obtain it on and enter it in the Device settings