Created on 12 April 2020, last modified on 12 April 2020

Currently, there are two different online sources of weather forecast available in Slideshow. In order to use any of these sources, first you have to create an account (usually for free). This post offers quick introduction to the both weather sources.

Name of the forecast sourceOpenWeatherMapHERE Maps
Limit for free account60 requests per minute250 000 request per month
Where to get the API key – Generate new key – create new project and generate key in the REST section
What to enter in the Slideshow’s Device settingsWeather source: OpenWeatherMap (hourly)
API key for weather: {API key} (change for your actual value)
Weather source: HERE Destination weather
API key for weather: {API KEY} (change for your actual value)

As Slideshow usually caches weather forecast for 1-2 hours, single free account on both services is well enough for displaying weather information on several devices. However if you are looking for guaranteed SLA or have over 50 devices, I suggest looking into the paid accounts on either of the services.

Also, don’t forget to read through the license terms of the weather source and add credit to the provider if necessary.