This document describes privacy policy of the Slideshow application. As we continue to add new features to the Slideshow application, this policy may change. Please review it on regular basis.

Slideshow stores all the information on the device and doesn’t share them with exception of the cases explained bellow.

Information from Google Drive or Dropbox external service

If you decide to connect Slideshow application with your Google Drive or Dropbox account, Slideshow will collect your email address during the setup process and will have read-only access to all files in your Google Drive or Dropbox account until you revoke the access either from Slideshow application or from Google Drive / Dropbox settings. By connecting Slideshow with your Google Drive or Dropbox account, you are giving Slideshow permission to download files from chosen Google Drive or Dropbox folder into your device and display them on the screen as setup via playlists. Slideshow won’t (and can’t) modify files on your Google Drive or Dropbox in any way.

The data mentioned above, as well as the data necessary for accessing the Google Drive or Dropbox account are stored only on the device where Slideshow application is installed. Slideshow doesn’t share the data with anybody except Google LLC (provider of the Google Drive API) / Dropbox Inc. (provider of the Dropbox API). Owner of the device is responsible for keeping this device secure.

Information shared in Bug report

If you decide to fill and send bug report in the Slideshow application (either via web interface or via on-screen menu), you are giving Slideshow permission to send the following data to the developers of the application: your email and message, information about the device, information about software version, screenshot of the current screen, settings of the application, configuration of the application, log file, logcat messages from Android, list of currently running application threads. These data will be used only for diagnosing, replicating and resolving the problem and contacting the author of the bug report. The data won’t be shared with any third party.

Information shared with third-party file editors

By using the Edit functionality in File manager, you are giving Slideshow permission to share the particular file with the external service used for editing the file. Please review privacy policy of the selected external service for more information concerning processing and storing your file. No other information except the particular file is shared with the external service.