Below is a list of all publicly released versions of Slideshow, together with short release notes and a download link.

Version 3.17.6, released on 20 June 2021
Download universal APK, download APK for ARM v7, download APK for ARM64, download APK for x86, download APK for x86-64

– Added support for HEIC/HEIF images on Android 9+
– Fixed crash on Android 4.4.4 and older
– Fixed periodical download for FTP files
– Small fixes and enhancements

Version 3.17.3, released on 15 May 2021download

– Added possibility to display current time in regular (non-bold) font
– Added possibility to wait with screen layout refresh until the video finishes
– Added automatic backing up internal database in case the database gets corrupted
– Fixed displaying day of week with current weather
– Small fixes and enhancements

Version 3.17.0, released on 26 March 2021download

– Added support for synchronization with WebDAV
– Added support for displaying current weather & hiding weather icon
– Added support for setting start date for files
– Added optional integration with MQTT
– Added experimental support for Lock Task mode
– Added Croatian localization (thanks to Josip Papić)
– Fixed HDMI input freeze on some devices
– Fixed RSS moving message crash on some devices
– Small fixes and enhancements

Version 3.16.0, released on 13 February 2021download

– Added support for displaying preview from camera
– Added support for displaying picture from HDMI input (currently supported on RTD1619DR only)
– Added possibility to display description text over item
– Added support for reboot and remote upgrade on non-rooted Zidoo Z9X box
– Added possibility to disable CORS and HTTPS certificate check for displaying web pages
– Added simple JavaScript API for locally displayed web pages
– Small fixes and enhancements

Version 3.14.0, released on 10 January 2021download

– Added optional text above the weather panel
– Added French localization (thanks to Ahmed Karboubi)
– Added rotating JPEG images based on EXIF orientation (can be turned off in the settings)
– Added possibility to set after start script in the settings
– Added GET /ajax/deviceInfo REST API endpoint
– Enhanced watchdog reboot time, allowed setting the exact time
– Optimized downloading already present files from Google Drive
– Fixed loading files together with configuration from USB flash drive
– Small fixes and enhancements

Version 3.13.0, released on 13 December 2020download

– Added more weather icon styles
– Added possibility to add file from storage via on-screen menu
– Added possibility to update whole app through Google Drive / Dropbox / HTTP synchronization or USB flash drive
– Added hide animation type
– Added Portuguese localization (thanks to Jorge Soares)
– Small fixes and enhancements

Version 3.12.0, released on 22 November 2020download

– Added screen layout intervals
– Added possibility to select files from multiple folders in one item
– Added processing file names containing deletion date
– Enhanced integration with Dropbox (better support for large number of files)
– Small fixes and enhancements

Version 3.11.0, released on 8 November 2020download

– Added possibility to set Slideshow as Android Launcher / Home app
– Added possibility to customize weather text
– Added support for synchronizing subfolders from Dropbox
– Small fixes and enhancements

Version 3.10.0, released on 7 October 2020download

– Added periodic download from Dropbox (similar to already present Google Drive)
– Added local WebDav server for managing files
– Added support for displaying all pages from PDF file
– Added support for downloading Google Docs files as PDFs
– Enhanced displaying web pages from link files (added handling for error pages)
– Fixed displaying rounded borders on panels in some cases
– Small fixes and enhancements

Version 3.9.2, released on 12 September 2020download

– Added optional borders for panels on screen layout
– Enhanced keyboard handling on web pages
– Small fixes and enhancements

Version 3.9.1, released on 16 August 2020download

– Enhanced support of HTTP video streaming
– Enabled editor of .url files in File Manager
– Fixed displaying weather in degrees Fahrenheit
– Fixed copying file from USB flash drive on some Android versions
– Small fixes and enhancements

Version 3.9.0, released on 27 July 2020download

– Screen layout panels can have rounded corners and gradient background
– Added item type with today’s name day
– Added possibility to zoom web pages
– Fixed displaying last RSS message
– Small fixes and enhancements

Version 3.8.2, released on 3 July 2020download

– Fixed start at boot for Android 10+
– Fixed using external SD card on newer Android versions
– Added possibility to display moving text from left to right to RSS panel
– Info and help screen is displayed always on fullscreen
– Small fixes and enhancements

Version 3.8.1, released on 13 June 2020download

– Added new sample screen layout
– Added sample images on on-screen menu
– Returned setting animation type and length to on-screen settings
– Updated German translation
– Small fixes

Version 3.8.0, released on 27 May 2020download

– Added possibility to setup animations between images per panel, added multiple animation types
– Added pausing playlist through web interface or keyboard / remote control
– Changef some keyboard shortcuts
– Small fixes

Version 3.7.0, released on 2 May 2020download

– Added possibility to upload custom fonts for RSS, weather and date/time panel
– Added item type Plain text and Nothing
– Added possibility to play file on custom panel from file manager
– Added German localization (thanks to Stefan Preitschaft)
– Small fixes

Version 3.6.1, released on 15 April 2020download

– Added possibility to restore configuration XML from ZIP / USB / Google Drive (more information)
– Added possibility to synchronize nested folders from Google Drive
– Translated Loading screen
– Small fixes

Version 3.6.0, released on 29 March 2020download

– Added backup and restore of configuration to/from XML file (more information)
– Added support for playing RTSP streams (device-dependent)
– Optimized startup sequence
– Small fixes

Version 3.5.0, released on 10 March 2020download

– Added possibility to synchronize files from Google Drive via Periodical download (more information)
– Added optional clearing of folder to Periodical download
– Added possibility to rotate screen layouts (more information)
– Fixed unzipping ZIP files created on MAC OS X
– Small fixes and enhancements

Version 3.3.4, released on 26 February 2020download

– Added creating new item from File manager
– Enhanced notifications during copying files from USB flash drive
– Small fixes and enhancements

Version 3.3.3, released on 9 February 2020download

– Added choosing font for RSS news, date & time and weather
– Added scheduled deleting to file manager
– Small fixes and enhancements

Version 3.3.2, released on 29 January 2020download

– Added optional enhanced video player with shorter lag between videos and better support for scaling (more information)
– Enhanced RSS reader compatibility
– Added shell and database command line to the web interface for advanced users
– Small fixes

Version 3.3.1, released on 12 January 2020download

– Added support for new API Key for HERE Destination weather
– Slightly optimized black-screen delay between two consecutive videos
– Added experimental Android TV support
– Added bug report button to on-screen menu
– Added support for TLS 1.2 security on old Android versions
– Small fixes

Version 3.3.0, released on 4 January 2020download

– Added new weather info provider (HERE Maps, more information)
– Switched to session authentication for web interface (which enables logout)
– Added parsing control file (setup.csv) from ZIP archive and USB flash drive (more information)
– Added scrolling view for TXT files (plain text files)
– Fixed closing app
– Fixed breaks in audio streams
– Other small fixed and enhancements